Dr. Jamie Wilkey

I help PharmD's make themselves relevant in the modern era by standing out online and launching their ideas.

Over the last decade, I worked as my district's happiest retail pharmacist.
Then, I burned out.
I decided I was going to leave the madness. I walked away.
But, before I could, I had a hypothesis I had to test out.
I believed I could use the incredible asset of my PharmD degree in a new, innovative way.
I believed I could create my own brand and break this pharmacist out from behind the counter.So, I started building my brand on LinkedIn in mid-2020.And the results were pretty phenomenal.I created my own digital company, based on precision medicine. It grew to >$1M in revenue in less than 2.5 years.I walked away from my high-paying golden handcuffs of retail pharmacy forever.Since that day, I've spent my time helping other PharmD's do the same.My mission is to empower PharmD's to own their knowledge, create profitable businesses for themselves, and push the boundaries of what they can do to influence the world for good.→ I'm among the Top 3 most followed PharmD's on LinkedIn
→ I've built a $1M+ digital course and then successfully sold it
→ I've been voted among 'Top 50 Most Influential Pharmacy Leaders' in 2021 & 2022
→ Taught 400+ pharmacists to start their own minimalist businesses
→ Working as an adjunct professor with the UF School of Pharmacy to develop their curriculum
My results:→ 27K+ followers on LinkedIn
→ 6M+ content impressions on LinkedIn in the last 4 years
→ $1M+ of self-generated income
→ 10K+ newsletter subscribers [Launch, Already! 🚀]
My mission is to be the "The PharmD Sherpa." I'm the one helping fellow PharmD's make their degree work for them in today's modern world by working in new, out-of-the-box, profitable ways.If you are interested in creating your own:
-online brand
-digital products
-private community
Then I'd love to talk with you.
Please click the link below to book a strategy call together.
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